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venerdì 12 giugno 2009

Kane's tees are now available at Colette...

Let'Move...gotta have them!

Ho fatto un gioco e invito tutte le mie amiche a farlo...
ps me l'ha suggerito Carlotta, di My way / try this littl Q&A, it's simple, funny and really quick...Carlotta suggested it to me

If you were a month: May
If you were a season : Summer
If you were a day of the week: Saturday
If you were a sport: Polo
If you were a school subject: Art
If you were a job: Lighthouse keeper
If you were an historical period: 60'
If you were a music genre: grunge
If you were a piece of clothing: petit robe noir
If you were a precious stone: Ametyst
If you were a fruit: peach
If you were an ice-cream: chocolate
If you were an holiday: Easter
If you were a country: Los Angeles
If you were a planet: Venere
If you were a capital vice: Gluttony
If you were a feeling: Freedom
If you were an element: earth
If you were a word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
If you were a cartoon character: Pollon
If you were an animal: Panda
If you were a song: Never Ever-All Saints
If you were a place: A square
If you were an instrument: Triangle
If you were a band:Guns'nd Roses
If you were an object: Tv

If you were a flower: Peony
If you were a tree: Cherry tree
If you were a book: The Da Vinci Code
If you were a day time: Mid day
If you were a direction: Up
If you were a furniture: Bed
If you were an historical figure: Maria Antonietta+
If you were a color: Pink
If you were an emotion: Confusion
If you were a car: Range Rover
If you were a movie: The Tennembaum
If you were a tv series: Veronica Mars
If you were a famous man: Keanu Reeves
If you were a damous woman: Elsa Schiapparelli
If you were a food: pizza
If you were a city: San Francisco
If you were a number: 16

Una bella notizia anti crisi: tutti i miei lettori ( e spero siano in tanti) hanno uno sconto pari a $30 USD (£19 GBP) da spendere su Basta farci un giretto, scgliere l'articolo inserire il codice IOLEINFASH il gioco è fatto!

A nice new against the financial crisis:my reader have a $30 USD (£19 GBP) gift card to spend on our Just visit the site and if interested, enter the code IOLEINFASH into the box in the cart. There are no conditions, they ship to all countries.

4 commenti:

Rikin@ ha detto...

Ciao cara!Sono tornata e per l'ennesima volta ho cmbiato blog hihi!Kisses


13 giugno 2009 01:02
Anonimo ha detto...

Really fun Q&A to read...I completely agree with the Da Vinci Code book part....I just finished reading it and it's amazing! Now I need to see the movie....

13 giugno 2009 02:09
cocorosa ha detto...

love the tees :) haha and I would be confusion too :)

13 giugno 2009 06:51
Anonimo ha detto...

Li voglio li voglio li voglio ! Pero detesto li ugg, buaaaaahhhaaaahaaah

15 giugno 2009 18:55


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